i'm so glad you're here


I'm a writer and editor based in the lovely, gritty desert town of Tucson, Arizona. I write short fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalistic features. As a writer, my goal is to create dynamic work with a strong sense of place, a compelling narrative voice, and a blend of straight-talk and lyricism. As a reader, I like work that begs questions, breaks rules, and doesn't know how beautiful it is. I like writing that makes me feel something, that gives me the shivers, that makes me say damn — out loud.

I have a knack for dreaming up characters and am most drawn to imperfect, fish-out-of-water types, the ones who lead extraordinarily ordinary lives. I like protagonists who secretly eat mayonnaise from a spoon at midnight, who find love at the 7-Eleven, who can't see their own blind spots. I like heroines who cling to memories as though they are physical artifacts, who can't find home despite being firmly rooted there, and who make me cry with their honest goodness.