“Sometimes you get lucky and find another human who will partner with you in your craft, exactly at the multiple levels you crave. I found Debbie through her published work — essays written with equal parts refined skill and sensuous originality, always smart, always human. Her reading of my essays is equally dimensional, with feedback on language details, and prompts that push content. The result is work that is its best whole. Miraculous: I found an editor who “gets” the layered reading I want, even beyond what I dare to ask.”

Diana Tokaji, Poet and Essayist

"Debbie has helped me with several of my essays and articles that have gone on to earn placements in AlterNet, The Guardian, and The Washington Post. Recently, I had her take on a huge project of editing my non-fiction book proposal. I was floored at her ability to see through the story and pick out through-lines that I hadn't even seen. Her edits pulled the threads together, making the story strong and tight. She is quick in returns, and knows how to cut down word counts or add just the right paragraph to make the piece sing. I would highly recommend her to any writer needing an extra set of eyes and sharp ones at that."

Stephanie Land, author of MAID: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive

"I love when I get to work with Debbie on a story. She’s passionate, focused, and driven to get the story right—especially when tackling complex issues. Not only is she an eloquent writer and storyteller, she’s also a diligent researcher and interviewer. Debbie makes my job as an editor look easy."  

Megan Kimble, Managing Editor of Edible Baja Arizona and author of Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food

"This is the kind of writing that knows what you look like when you think you are alone. It echolocates the actual perimeter of things, moving past the shapeshifting and the camouflage of everyday lies. The characters she creates are listening. The people she profiles know they can let down their guard. Her prose manages to be both exquisite and direct. Rich and spare. World worn and open hearted."

Aisha Sloan, Contributing Editor for Guernica: A Magazine of Art & Politics and author of The Fluency of Light: Coming of Age in a Theater of Black and White

"Debbie is a thoughtful, precise, and kind editor. She is excellent at identifying what is at the heart of any piece of writing and then working to strengthen the scaffolding to support and encase that thing. Because of her experience in fiction, nonfiction, journalistic, and content writing, Debbie is able to both write and edit in varying mediums while achieving excellence in all of them. I highly recommend her because of her great eye, insightful mind, and compassionate heart."

Lisa O'Neill, Writer, Editor, and Teacher